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February 14, 2015
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Shop ’till You Drop

Shopping for a kids chair can be fun but also challenging. There are just so many choices! Where does one begin?  Some consumers start with parenting or mom blog websites.  Each chair brand may have one or two of the features you are looking for.  Some fold up, most require assembly and have several layers of padding to figure out. Others can be adapted for older kids.   After spending a few hours browsing the reviews we are then faced with actually finding a store that has the item we like in stock.

Up Wee Go wanted to reduce the amount of time you spend making a kids chair buying decision.  This took countless hours studying reviews and consumer surveys. In the end we compiled list of the top five reasons.  The interesting part is our Step Up chair answered every need and actually provided options and solutions that were never previously available.

Most people that land on our homepage instantly like the Step Up kids chair.  However, we decided to highlight the top five reasons to buy a Step up chair;

  1. Easy to clean Microban protected
  2. Grows with your child
  3. Modular space saving
  4. Development support
  5. Recycling program

We encourage you to send us your reasons for liking the Step Up Kids chair!