StepUp Modular Chair.

Our new chair is truly one of the most innovative chairs on the market! Its unique design offers practical uses for everyday life.

This fully functional chair actually adapts to your needs by interchanging its cool kid options, including; steps, slides, booster seats, and more! It can also be used like any traditional full size chair. Its solid, one piece construction makes it stable and easy to clean! Choose from a variety of designer colors! Suitable for 2 years old and up.

Weight: 17lb


The key component in our patented design is the steps.

After most toddlers master climbing and walking they should be ready for our step option. Just connect the steps and watch the child seat themselves. We are positive you will get a great smile in return! Our portable steps can also be used like a traditional stool for those hard to reach places. Place them against a bathroom sink for brushing their teeth. Perhaps in the kitchen to reach a cup or get into a high bed. The steps are made solid and can also support adult use of up to three hundred pounds. They also have a slightly etched stepping surface for extra grip. Recommended for children 2 years old and up.

Weight: 11lb

Starter slide.

Every kid is sure to love our starter slide option!

It comes apart for easy storage and then assembles by lowering the slide onto its square base, just like building blocks. Attach the steps and start sliding. Have extra fun by connecting the slide directly to the StepUp chair creating a "Fun Centre." Try crawling under the chair, up the steps then down the slide! This is perfect for daycares, playrooms, and just about anywhere. Comes in a wide variety of colors. Recommended for children 2 years old and up.

Weight 15lb

Booster seat

Our booster seat has the look and feels of a full size highchair yet it is completely transportable.

A unique connector helps you easily attach the seat to our StepUp chair. It can also be fastened to most chairs with the supplied straps. StepsUp's modular shape makes it easy to clean. There is no place for crumbs or spills to hide. All StepUp chair products and accessories are manufactured with "Microban" technology to help keep them clean as possible. Each booster seat comes with a durable foam insert that provides the perfect amount of comfort and support. The insert can also be removed to accommodate children as they grow. A three and five point harness is supplied. The tray provides the ideal amount of surface for eating or activities. It can be removed or folded down for extra convenience and is dishwasher safe. The booster seat is recommended for children between 6 months - 3 years old. (Remember not to use the steps when using the booster seat).

Weight 12lb

Booster pad.

Our Booster Pad provides the perfect seating height for most children.

It has been designed for use with the StepUp chair. However, it can be used on most regular chairs. It's made from a super durable yet comfortable foam that can be easily removed and cleaned. The pad fits perfectly into its modular base which has a special grip surface to hold it in place. You can also use the two sets of straps as required. Don't forget it's transportable so take it along whenever you need it. Recommended for children 2 years old and up. (Our Step option is typically used in combination with the booster pad)

Weight 8lb


Children will have fun using the connectors as they learn how things go together.

This modular connection system also promotes a child's problem solving and creative development. The Step connector can be used on either side of the chair and in conjunction with our slide system. One connector is provided with each step, slide, and booster seat purchase.

Seat Connector Weight 2lb
Step or Slide Connector Weight 3lb