Frequently Asked Questions

1Does the StepUp chair have wheels to move around?
No. The chair is just over 17 pounds and has a convenient hand grip area which allows it to move easy.
2How many connectors come with the chair?
One connector is included with each purchase of the steps, slide and booster seat.
3Will the StepUp chair grow with my child?
Absolutely! The StepUp chair with the optional booster seat and pad is all you will need from about 6 months to adult.
4What colors are available?
Each retailer may choose to stock preferred color options. 10 modern colors will be made available for online orders. And yes you can mix and match! The booster seat and pad only come in lime green with cool, off-white cushions.
5Will my child be safe climbing up and down the steps?
Most toddler activity play centers have platform heights of approximately 27″ (70 cm) high. The seating area of the Step Up chair is just 19″ (48 cm) high. The steps are 12" (30 cm) also have a textured step surface.
6How old should the child be before I allow them to use the steps?
We recommend the child be at least 2 years of age. They should be a very confident climber and walker.
7Does the chair fold up?
We decided to make the chair indestructible. Unfortunately it cannot be folded up. But many of the parts can be easily stored. The booster seat and Pad can also be removed, stored and easily transported.
8Will the StepUp chair fit under the table’s edge?
Most tables have 28-30 inches of clearance. Our StepUp chair requires 19 inches of clearance and 25 when the booster seat is used.
9 Which chair harness works the best?
Relying on any strap system to restrain a child who wants to escape is a mistake. We suggest never leave your child unattended. The StepUp chair comes with a 3 point harness and our insert with a 5 point
10How does the booster seat attach to the StepUp chair?
Every Booster seat comes with a special connector that easily attaches then firmly hooks on to the StepUp chair. Dual straps also help you connect to most other chairs.