Expert Opinion

Robert Johnston

Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

DO-MTP, M.OMSc., MICO Director and Principal

“I treat parents and caregivers all the time for back pain. The Step Up kids chair clearly lessens the daily strain on one’s back.”
Canadian Academy of Osteopathy
Ontario Osteopathic Association
Canadian Institute of Classical Osteopathy

UpWeeGo's Opinion

UpWeeGo Inc.

Step Up High Chair & Kids Products

Every child develops at different rates. The StepUp chair promotes your child’s natural development. Basic gross motor skills are used while climbing up and down. This also promotes balance and coordination and healthy exercise.
Building Esteem, Confidence and Independence. Most high chairs and booster seats have a very “baby look” to them. This can make toddlers and older kids using them feel babyish. The StepUp chair looks cool and is fun to use and sit in. This means kids will enjoy sitting in it no matter what activity they are doing. Toddlers and older kids who have just seated themselves will feel “all grown up!" Perhaps more confident and happy to be sitting with the whole family at the table.