High Chair Recycling Program

Keep It Green! With UpWeeGo’s Recycling Program

Each new generation eventually sends tons of highchairs and booster seats to the landfills. Many have been made with a mix of steel and plastic parts which make them hard to recycle.

UpWeeGo Children’s product company recognizes change is needed to protect our environment.  That’s why we developed the “Keep it Green” recycling program. This unique system will allow you to send us back your StepUp chair or any of its components.

You will then receive UpWeeGo “Green dollars” based on the total weight returned.  These dollars can be used to purchase new things from our website. You will also have the option to buy specially priced items made partially from recycled UpWeeGo products.  Rain barrels and planter boxes are just few of the planned items.

Depending on the items condition we may also choose to donate your returned  items to various charities.  You will still receive Green Dollars based on the total weight returned.  Shipping instructions and other details will be posted on this page in the near future.
Grow Green With Us!

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