The Patent Process 2007

I had been running my own food related business since my late teens and had a ton of practical business experience. The one thing that came to mind was, could I patent this toddler highchair idea?  I went to visit a close friend whose family held several successful patents in the truck parts industry.  They had a relationship with the largest domestic patent firm in the US.  We photocopied the napkin and faxed it to his patent contact. A few days later he called and said there is a strong chance my idea is patentable!  I knew the patent would be key if the chair was to be a successful business. A Canadian patent was also applied for.


Patent Approval

It took almost 4 years and a bunch of resources but the patent was finally approved. The strength of a utility patent is measured by its approved claims. Most patents have 5-10 approved claims.  The StepUp chair has 18 approved claims.

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StepUp PatentStepUp Patent