Printing Plastic 3D Proto Types

The very first prototypes came from a 3D printer. It was truly phenomenal to see the chair come to life like this! They were only nine inches tall but it demonstrated how amazingly functional the chair is.

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Full Size Wooden Proto Type

The next step was making a full size chair that kids could try. The actual steel mould to form the chair in plastic would cost tens of thousands. Instead a working prototype was made from wood by hand. A friend of mine was just in the process of building a new house. He invited me to come by and speak with a carpenter who he just hired out of the blue. His specialty was custom cabinets and stairs. Over the next 2 months I worked with him each day and slowly watched the chair come to life. It took over 200 hours to complete but the carpenter turned the small 3D printed chairs into full size working prototypes!