Back pain and caregiving

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March 1, 2014
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Back pain and caregiving

Canadian Osteopathy

Without question so many of us suffer from back pain. How we treat it ranges from exercise, stretching, ice, heat, medication, perhaps visiting an osteopath or chiropractor.  Many jobs involve lifting or standing for long periods of time which typically lead to some form of back pain. When you put caring for a 20 to 30 pound child in the mix our backs can really be pushed to the max. The unfortunate reality is back pain and caring for children often go hand in hand.  9 great suggestions for moms, how to reduce the daily stress on your back; Here

In In some cases our parents help watch the kids which is a great help but creates challenges for older people lifting wee ones.  I spoke to Robert Johnson the founder of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy;  who treats many elderly caregivers for pack pain mostly related to lifting a child.

obert’s expert opinion clearly endorses the Step Up chair as a way for any caregivers to lessen the daily stain of lifting a child up to their chair.  Expert opinion

Tell us your parenting back stories?

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