Building Esteem, Confidence and Independence

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Building Esteem, Confidence and Independence

Step Up High Chair Confidence

Most high chairs and booster seats have a “baby look” to them. They are often very plain or covered in some nursery type pattern. This could make toddlers and older kids using them feel babyish. The Step Up chair comes in 7 cool, custom colors and is fun to use. This means kids will enjoy using it no matter what activity they are doing.

Step Up High Chair Confidence

Most kids require a boost or lift to their traditional seats or high chairs. Getting down safely also requires assistance. However, most just jump or slide down the front.
The Step Up chair allows toddlers and older kids to seat themselves which makes them feel “all grown up!” Perhaps more confident and happy to be sitting with the whole family at the table.


  1. Liz Rolo says:

    Great colours to match anyone’s taste and décor!

  2. mark says:

    It’s great to see a product that encourages activity in a young child, which will set the stage for greater activity as they grow older.

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