Keeping it Green!

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April 6, 2015
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April 27, 2015
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Keeping it Green!

Many of us have probably witnessed a plastic Children’s item come to the end of its hopefully useful life. Typically we hand the item down to someone who might need it or place it in the trash. We like to encourage donating the item so people can reuse it. Unfortunately many plastic items are pushed to the curb? The sad reality is it lasts forever at the landfills taking up valuable space on our beautiful planet!

Up Wee Go Children’s Products believes there are better options. Thats why we created the “Keep it Green” program. After you have finished using any of our plastic products you can simply return them for a special credit towards new items. We weigh the item you returned and set up a “Green Dollar” account for you. Each time you return an item we record its weight and add Green dollars to your account. When you’re ready you will be able to apply the green dollars towards the purchase of any Step Up product. Through a special manufacturing partnership we also intend to have a separate line of discounted outdoor items for your home made from recycled Step Up products. Things like rain barrels and various landscaping items will be available. There will be a special form on our recycling page with instructions how to return the items.


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